Grandview Catering & Events

Posted By: Emma Faulkner Career Center,

Grandview Catering & Events provides handcrafted fare and unique experiences brought to life by culinary and event professionals inspired by the latest trends and classic comforts. We focus on attention to detail, quality ingredients and sustainable practices with exceptional customer service. We proudly serve Appalachian State University campuses as well as off-site events for university affiliated businesses, community members and alumni with Grandview Ballroom featured as our premiere event space.

Catering Supervisor


The Catering Supervisor serves as an effective leader for Appalachian State University’s Grandview Catering & Events front-of-house staff by utilizing high standards in catering and event execution, employee relations, and management for a diverse team.

Catering and Events Staff

We’re looking for a team-oriented and driven individual to hit the ground running and join our growing team. The successful candidate will work with others to ensure our daily catering operations and special events run efficiently while upholding our excellent customer service.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Being comfortable in a variety of event situations ranging from small coffee breaks, to high end banquets
  • Assist with setting up tables and food service areas with chairs, linens and dishes
  • Working at events from start to finish including: packing up food and equipment and departing the kitchen, arrival at the event location on time, set up, service within the appropriate time frame, event breakdown afterward
  • Monitoring the quality of the product and service provided
  • Understanding of safe food handling policies and procedures
  • Serving food to guests at events, replenishing buffets, filling drinks and maintaining cleanliness of dining area
  • Maintain open and frequent communication team members and supervisor regarding event status, questions, concerns and new ideas
  • From positive working relationships with coworkers, including students, while remaining professional and respectful at all times
  • Work with the entire Grandview team on other duties as assigned