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Individual Member

For Individuals only. This membership allows you access to events but no listing or advertising of business included in this category.


Annual Dues are $75

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Program Partner

What is Program Partners?

Program Partners is designed for businesses that seek to enhance their community visability through their Chamber relationship. Businesses receive prominent logo placement at Chamber events during the calendar year while also benefiting from pre-paid access to annual Chamber activities, events, and functions.   

2019 Program Partner Benefits

  • Prominent logo placement at chamber-sponsored events

  • Scrolling logo placement on the homepage

  • Special recognition in online membership directory

  • $100 off one entry into any Watauga Leadership Challenge program

  • Hole sponsorship at annual Last Chance Golf Tournament (October)

  • Reserved seating for up to 10 attendees at Annual Membership Meeting (August)

  • Reserved space in Boone Business expo or guaranteed inclusion in replacement event (Spring)*

  • Admission to attend one Community Leadership Luncheon, held quarterly throughout the year

  • Featured advertisement in one Membership Monday e-mail, which includes an imbedded video link

  • One set of mailing labels for full Chamber membership

    * Benefit structure under review and subject to change prior to launch in December.

For more information, call the Chamber office at (828) 264-2225.



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Additional businesses or locations can be added at a discounted rate if there is a Member Company in good standing. Please contact the office for more information. 

Tier 1: 

Churches/Civic Organizations/Non-Profits

Annual Dues: $195

 Tier 2: 

  • Apartment Complex (60 or less units)
  • Auto Dealers (Used)
  • Campgrounds (60 or less units)
  • Distributors/Wholesalers (10 or less employees)
  • Motels/Hotels/Condos/Cabins (30 or less units)
  • Professionals (10 or less employees)
  • Restaurants (seating for 50 or less)
  • Retail Stores (10 or less employees)

Annual Dues: $250

Tier 3:

  • Apartment Complex (61-240 units)
  • Campgrounds (61 or more units)
  • Distributors/Wholesalers (11-50 employees)
  • Manufacturing Firms
  • Motels/Hotels/Condos/Cabins (31-120 units)
  • Professionals (11 or more employees)
  • Resorts (15 or less employees)
  • Restaurants (seating for 51 or more)
  • Retail Stores (11-50 employees)
  • Shopping Centers
  • Supermarkets (per location)

Annual Dues: $350

Tier 4:

  • Apartment Complex (241 or more units)
  • Auto Dealers (New)
  • Motels/Hotels/Condos/Cabins (121 or more units)
  • Public Institutions (Small)
  • Retail Stores (51-150 employees)
  • Ski Resorts (100,000 or less attendance)
  • Travel Attractions (100,000 or less attendance)

Annual Dues: $480

Tier 5:

  • Communications Media
  • Financial Institutions (per branch office)
  • Resorts (16 or more employees)
  • Retail Stores (151-200 employees)
  • Ski Resorts (100,001 or more attendance)
  • Utilities

Annual Dues: $680

Tier 6:

  • Public Institutions (Large)
  • Retail Stores (201 or more employees)
  • Travel Attractions (100,001 or more attendance)

Annual Dues: $970

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