STABLE Workplaces

The effort was born out of an event in August of 2022 which convened area agencies and partners alongside Watauga County business owners and employers to discuss the possibility of an ongoing collaborative effort toward more resources in the workplace. The August event built on years of data collection efforts to better understand challenges around workforce development through the perspectives of local stakeholders, including business leaders and staff. 

STABLE Workplaces recognizes that the business sector is facing unprecedented recruitment and retention challenges alongside complex challenges among staff, such as family needs, mental health and substance use concerns, and lack of housing. STABLE is exploring ways to better deliver resources to the business sector and other employers through unified messaging, collaborative training efforts, toolkit development and incentivized participation. If you have questions about getting involved, reach out to Lindsey Sullivan at

Level 1: Staff Training (ST) - The participating organization will be required to have staff and leadership attend 3 trainings relevant to the organization’s needs. 

Level 2: Business Leadership (BL) - This includes participation in leadership training, workplaces and policy development  

Level 3: Evolving (E) - Coming Soon!

What are the requirements to participate?

  • Must be an employer in Watauga County
  • Must be willing to participate at the starting level and recertify annually
  • Desire to improve workplace culture and support employees 

*Participation in STABLE Workplaces is free of charge!

Why engage with STABLE Workplaces?

Engaging with STABLE Workplaces will offer your workplace many incentives! Some incentives are built in–these are things like increased staff retention, more skilled employees, and an overall better work environment. Additionally, we offer external incentives like media and social media kits, increased visibility with the Boone Area Chamber of Commerce, and linkages to a wide range of resources. In the future, we seek to expand these incentives by supplementing costs for targeted support through consultants and advisors.

We are accepting resources!

Do you have resources or training programs that you think could be a good fit for STABLE Workplaces? Follow the link below to submit your suggested resources or training materials and we will be in touch with you soon. 

Suggest Resources or Trainings 

For additional information, contact