Planning and Preparation: Face Masks, Suppliers, and Deep Cleaning

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Local Supply Chain for Cloth Face Coverings/Masks and Hand Sanitizer
Deep Cleaning Supplies and Services
Additional Safety Precautions: Storage Units 

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Local Supply Chain for Cloth Face Coverings and Masks

The CDC has recommended the individual use of face coverings or masks to lessen cases of community transfer of COVID-19, particularly in instances where social distancing is difficult.  AppHealthCare and Appalachian Regional Healthcare System (ARHS) have both endorsed this guidance, realizing that the use of cloth masks and face coverings can serve as another strategy to slow the spread.    (Click here to read Watauga County Guidance for Use of Face Masks and Coverings). 

We now can look right in our backyard for obtaining a properly constructed cloth face-covering/mask, as some of our local businesses and individuals have entered into the supply chain and production. 

The following links are local resources for those looking to purchase a cloth face-covering/mask:

Wholesale Face Covering/Mask


High Country Hand Protection LLC

Appalachian Innkeepers and Janitorial Supply

Individual Sale Face Cover/Mask

Misty Mountain

Grandmother Made It

Carroll Leathergoods

New River Building Supply

South's Clothiers

High Country Hand Protection LLC

The Pet Place - (distributing for SNIPS, $5 suggested donation, proceeds go to Watauga Humane Society spay/neuter program)

Go Postal Printing

Mystery Hill

Boone Drug, INC.

KT Leigh's Boutique

Dancey's Shoes

Appalachian Innkeepers and Janitorial Supply

The following are downtown Boone businesses offering individual sales of masks:

The Happy Place

Rock Dimensions

Anna Banana's

Boone Belles

The Shoppes at Farmers

Highway Robbery

Mast General Store in Boone

Lucky Penny

F.A.R.M Cafe

The Dancing Moon


Lililu on King

Blessed Buttons

Hand Sanitizer 

WJ Office

Go Postal Printing

Copper Barrel Provisions

Staples of Boone

Boone Drugs, INC.

High Country Hand Protection LLC

KT Leigh's Boutique

Dancey's Shoes

Appalachian Innkeepers and Janitorial Supply

Email us at to be added to the list of locally produced face coverings/masks and hand sanitizer.

Combating COVID-19:  Deep Cleaning Supplies and Services

Proper disinfecting measures for businesses will remain critical as we move forward in phased reopening.  To ensure the future health and safety of employees and visiting patrons, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has prepared this document to serve as a guide to preparing workplaces after COVID-19. Click here for the EPA's list of disinfectants for COVID-19. *Please note that the disinfectants must be used according to label directions with the contact times listed on the EPA website.

Our establishments can take a proactive approach to preparedness by utilizing local distributors and companies that offer deep cleaning.  

Distributors offering EPA approved cleaning products and supplies

Appalachian Innkeepers and Janitorial Supply

Charleston Forge

WJ Office

Staples of Boone

High Country Hand Protection LLC

Dancey's Shoes

Local companies that offer deep cleaning services

Service Master Janitorial

Jo-Lynn Enterprises

Spangler Restoration

High Country Cleaning Services

*Businesses can consult with an AppHealthCare Environmental Health Care Staff Member by emailing

Email us at to be added to the list of cleaning suppliers and services.

Additional Safety Precautions

Although the primary focus of our efforts is on cleaning and disinfecting, we cannot lose sight of everyday life safety and preventative measures and regulations (fire exits, food safety, etc.).  As you find yourself moving tables or display cases to abide by social distancing recommendations or purging inventory, consider the Watauga County's fire codes and standards.  The following local storage unit facilities can assist with any temporary relocation of furniture, equipment, product, or inventory.  

Boone Self Storage

Fox Brothers Moving and Storage

The Webb Company

Appalachian Moving and Storage

Alpine Storage

Blue Skies Storage

Bamboo Mini Storage

Boone Self-Storage and Moving Center

U-Haul Moving and Storage of Boone 

High Country Storage Units

Wildcat Self Storage

Affordable Mini Storage of Vilas