Boone Area Chamber of Commerce Parking Survey & Report

Posted By: David Jackson Chamber News,

With a mission to connect business and community partners, to enhance opportunities through advocacy and education, and support continued sustainable economic development within our region, the Boone Area Chamber of Commerce staff and executive committee have been closely following the evolving conversation around parking in Downtown Boone.  

During our time as a Downtown property owner, the Chamber was frequently involved in DBDA discussions and activity. We somewhat recently organized a Downtown Advocacy Committee at the request of Boone Town Council in 2019 and have served a close partner and information distributor for Town of Boone staff on several key projects throughout our organization’s 75-year history. 

After attending DBDA meetings in January and March of 2024, reading through proposed and amended suggestions, and talking with numerous downtown businesses, the Chamber crafted and deployed a Downtown Boone Parking Survey. The goal of this survey was to collect data on operations, customer behavior, and employee staffing from as many businesses as possible within the Municipal Service District. 

This report provides a copy of the survey questions, demographic data about the survey respondents, graphs that detail the answers to the questions, and text submitted from each of the respondents. We received six duplicate responses from businesses during this process, which we eliminated and included only their first response in the data set. The survey was authored through Jotform and opened on April 17th. Our staff sent a detailed email to MSD members with a survey link, asking for one submission per business from management. We followed-up with flyers that were delivered during in-person visits last week. 

  • As of Monday, May 6th, 47 respondents completed the survey. While we have not included any business names in the report, our staff required that questions be answered to verify the business was located within the MSD. 

  • 9 surveys were submitted by businesses who have a representative on the DBDA Board of Directors.
  • Surveys were provided throughout the MSD. We received submissions form 29 Chamber members and 18 non-members. 

  • Survey responses broken down by business location: 
    • College Street to Appalachian Street – 6 

    • Appalachian Street to Depot Street – 16 

    • Depot Street to Water Street – 11 

    • Water Street west to MSD Boundary – 4 

    • Howard Street Businesses – 7

    • Depot Street Businesses  3 


  • The survey was sent via email to businesses (members and non-members) throughout the MSD. All submissions were recorded through Jotform at the link below:  
  • Boone Chamber staff followed with in-person visits May 1-3 at businesses that had yet to submit a survey. They were handed a flyer (attached) and encouraged to submit one response per business.    
  • Data from the survey was shared with members of Town Council and parking advisory committee. 



  • The survey featured 17 questions and several opportunities for “additional detail.” 

  • The only question that featured a required answer was the name of the business, which we have omitted from the public version of this report to protect the privacy of respondents. Not all questions were answered by each participant. There were three questions that included a list where respondents were encouraged to select “all that apply.” Those questions show a higher number of responses than the number that took the survey, because several respondents had multiple answers apply. 

Additional Parking Survey Data