New Member: Boonie's Chicago Style Pizza, LLC.

Posted By: Margaret Liller Member News & Promotions,

We would like to welcome Boonie's Chicago Style Pizza as our newest Chamber member!

"Clayton Miller Jr. received the nickname “Boonie” the same way he received the “Jr.” at the end of his given name. His father used the Alias for years before handing it over; and it stuck.

Boonie was born and raised here in Watauga county before following his brother Wayne to Chicago in pursuit of better employment. Wayne delivered pizzas for a young, up and coming, Chicago pizza restaurant throughout the 60’s. The time he spent there helped establish, not only the restaurant; but his love for the pizza business as well.

Boonie and Wayne worked together in factory jobs during the early 70’s and Wayne continued to deliver pizzas on the side. He ultimately decided he wanted a bigger slice of the pie; So, in the mid 70’s, he poured his savings into purchasing his very own pizza restaurant. The shop was just a few miles away from the factory that employed him and was an immediate success. Boonie would occasionally spend anywhere between a single weekend to months at a time helping Wayne with the day to day operations of the restaurant. Wayne continued to eat, sleep, and breathe pizza until selling the business in the mid 90’s and returning home to the Tarheel state.

Boonie came home with some serious pizza knowledge and a mission to share it with those he kept close to him. For years he has been treating friends, family, and coworkers to Authentic Chicago Style Pizza, right out of his home kitchen. After years of talking about maybe one day selling the pizza to the public, and continued enthusiasm and encouragement from partners Chris Wilcox and Ron Williams, the opportunity presented itself and Boonie’s became a reality."


610 Blowing Rock Rd.
Boone, NC 28607