Job Opportunity: System Operator I - Lenoir, NC

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  1. To provide work assignment services to district operations and on call personnel as needed.
  2. To receive all trouble calls (outages or member problems concerning electricity or other energy related issues), analyze, and take appropriate action.
  3. To monitor, analyze, and take appropriate action concerning any alarms on SCADA, microwave, security systems, or any other equipment installed in the System Operations Center.
  4. To log all activity concerning the operation of any device on transmission or distribution lines and to maintain the system transmission map up to the minute concerning the status of all devices.


  1. Delivers superior customer value by practicing personal touch customer service.
  2. Makes work assignments to field crews during and after regular work hours. These assignments may include outages, delinquent reconnects, regular reconnects, disconnects, and all field service requests including emergency response requests.
  3. Responds to telephone requests after regular business hours in such a way that the member's need is met without the member being asked to call back.
  4. Outages:
    A. Coordinates the work activities within the system service area and with other departments to maximize efficiency and minimize service interruptions.
    B. Receives and analyzes trouble calls and assigns crews for the restoration of service to the members.
    C. Prepares all outage forms, outage and trouble logs, and all other reports pertinent to the operation of the system operations area. These logs and reports are to be used for information, evaluation, and planning purposes.
  5. SCADA
    A. Operates (under prescribed guidelines) the supervisory control of data acquisition system (SCADA). Is responsible for informing the supervisor of any system malfunction or other problems associated with the master station, remote units, and the communication lines.
    B. Monitors system operation conditions in accordance with prescribed standards.
    C. Coordinates and executes all emergency, temporary, and permanent system switching operations with directions and guidance from the Director of Engineering based on System Operator Level.
    D. Is responsible for informing the Director Of Engineering Services or his representative of any system overload or low voltage conditions requiting corrective action.
  6. Receives and handles radio telephone communications in the system operations center.
  7. Provides clearance, caution, and location orders on system devices in accordance with approved switching, tagging, and safety rules.
  8. Monitors and operates (under prescribed guidelines) the load management system. Advises the Director of Engineering Services of any malfunction of the load control system.
  9. Performs updates to consumer records of all fieldwork completed and reported by field technicians.
  10. Completes system operations reports and all other assigned duties that may include scanning.
  11. Updates outage records.


  1. Education: An associate degree in electrical engineering required. Four years experience in electrical utility operations and/or customer service may be substituted for the two years of college.
  2. Experience: Experience in systems operations consisting of emergency switching operations, receiving and analyzing trouble call, restoration of service, maintain accurate logs of outages, loads, voltage levels, and using system maps required for full implementation of the job duties and responsibilities.
  3. Job Knowledge and Skills:
    A. Is fully competent and can perform 44kv switching unassisted. Can review transmission and distribution switching. Knows all transmission substations, type of substation, voltage, and line feeds. Knows all distribution substation numbers and the location each substation serves. Also, has a general knowledge of how many circuits are served from each station. Is fully competent and can complete all daily, weekly, and 25% of the month ending reports accurately and unassisted. Has a strong understanding of the Key Performance Indicators for Reliability and their significance. Is fully competent and can operate SCADA, access reports, and identify all alarms displayed by SCADA. Is fully competent in OMS processes and applications.
    B. Is fully competent in CIS processes and can navigate the application effectively and efficiently. Is fully competent in member service and can effectively and efficiently communicate with the membership using proper telephone standards. Is fully competent in the delinquent notification and processing. Is competent in IVR Call Scheduler functionality and can initiate a callout. Has an understanding of all System Operator processes and can manage the workload through proper prioritization striving toward operational effectiveness and efficiency.
    C. Is competent in all System Operator application processes and functionality and uses each application in an effective and efficient manner. Is competent in the interpretation of one line diagrams, basic electrical symbolization, and is able to navigate paper maps. Is competent in load control procedures and can initiate load control upon request. Is competent in all communication applications and is striving toward application effectiveness and efficiency. Is competent in security applications to the level of granting access to remote locations, alarm arming/disarming, and camera monitoring. Exhibits proper safety protocols in all activities.
    D. Must be skilled in both oral and written communications. Must have the ability to recognize and evaluate all problems and situations that arise within area. Must be able to maintain self control in situations of extreme pressure. Must be thorough in all areas of work and have the ability to provide knowledgeable and courteous service to the members at all times. Must be willing to participate in additional self training and educational programs as necessary.
  4. Normal Work Hours: Working conditions will be normal office conditions. This position will be required to work a rotating shift schedule and is subject to being called in to assist in case of emergency at all times. Must be available and able to work first, second, or third shift as assigned and as required. Occasional field trips to substation, transmission, and distribution facilities and construction sites required.
  5. Driver's License Requirement: None
  6. Overtime Status: This is subject to the overtime requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act, as amended.
  7. Non Discrimination: This position shall be filled on the basis of qualifications and ability to perform essential job functions, and without regard to race, religion, sex, color, age, national origin, or disability.
  8. EEO Classification: Technicians (3-B)
  9. Physical Activity Requirements (Type): G, M, P, Q, R
  10. Physical Demands Requirements (Degree): A
  11. Visual Acuity Requirements: A
  12. Working Condition Requirements: L

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