Job Opportunity: Lead Staff Accountant High Country Community Health

Posted By: Wysteria White Career Center ,

 Job Specification: Lead Staff Accountant 

The successful candidate for this position will have the following traits and behaviors. 


  • Strong sense of ethics-ethics and integrity are key to the accounting and reporting process
  • Self-Esteem-is important for honesty and ethics to be at the forefront of all actions
  • Adaptability-can work alone or in groups, accommodate new ideas, systems and demands
  • Organized-systematic organization that anyone can step in and follow
  • Trustworthy-be able to handle confidential, financial and personal information and assets
  • Detail Oriented-to insure that all work whether accounting, planning or reporting is complete
  • Learning Ability-be able to acquire new skills and abilities quickly and completely
  • Patience-to complete tasks, manage and interact and control systems without conflict
  • Technology Friendly-to use existing and suggest, develop and implement technological force multipliers
  • Committed-to make a commitment on acceptance of a task, position or challenge to do ones best and complete as much as possible 


  1. Work Ethic-to work to standards as committed and produce the volume and quality work as agreed upon
  2. Punctuality-to attend work at the agreed upon times, days and locations as a rule and without regular interruption
  3. Congeniality-to interact with any person, group or system regardless of cause or reason with a positive attitude and without rancor or recrimination
  4. Effort-to constantly strive to be better, smarter and faster each day, week, month and year to the benefit of self, family, organization and community
  5. Motivated-to apply efforts to provide solutions, produce superior work and contribute beyond remuneration
  6. Strong-able to accept responsibility and duty to promote the goals, mission and requirements of the organization and the community