Job Opportunity: Juvenile Court Counselor - Trainee

Posted By: Josh Deuink (deleted) Career Center ,

JOB CLASS TITLE: Juvenile Court Counselor


DEPARTMENT: Dept of Public Safety

SALARY RANGE: $36,677.00 - $62,092.00 Annually



APPOINTMENT TYPE: Permanent Full-Time

WORK LOCATION: Watauga County

OPENING DATE: 07/12/19

CLOSING DATE: 07/19/19 5:00 PM Eastern Time

DESCRIPTION OF WORK: This posting covers a vacant Juvenile Court Counselor-Trainee position in District 24, Watauga County.

This position is being posted as a Juvenile Court Counselor Trainee position. If

selected as a Trainee, you will have the opportunity to participate in a 12 to 24-month training

progression. Beginning trainees with a required Bachelor's degree but no directly related

experience will begin at the minimum salary of $34,000 and will follow a 24-month trainee

progression. Those with a required Master's degree, but no directly related experience, might be

eligible to earn a beginning salary based on the 12-month increments shown below. At the time

of this posting, the salary progression is as follows:

Salary Increase Schedule

-Minimum $34,000

-6 months $34,867 (2.5% increase)

-12 months $35,733 (2.5% increase)

-18 months $36,600 (2.5% increase)

Positions in this class are assigned to a progressive career development program under

supervision. Work assignments are characterized by defined objectives and specific guidelines,

developing an overall understanding of the Court Counselor and court role over time. The

Juvenile Court Counselor Trainee classification is intended as a resource to attract entry-level

talent in various fields to the State. It is expected that incumbents that perform successfully in

this level will be allocated up to a permanent class.

For more information and to fill out an application, follow the link below: 7/12/2019