4 Forty Four: Craftsman/Journeyman

Posted By: Emma Faulkner Career Center ,

Construction Crew Journeyman / Craftsman

  • $46,000 - $54,000 a year
Job Type
  • Full-time
  • Construction: 3 years (Preferred)

  • US work authorization (Preferred)

Full Job Description

Join our team! We're looking for a craftsman with 3-5 years of prior construction experience who wants to be in a team atmosphere with exciting projects and quality fellow team members.

Ideal position for someone who sees a career in Construction and wants to be in an atmosphere to allow their hard and soft skills to grow as leadership capacity expands. This is a skilled carpenter position who has the ability to lead apprentices and laborers on defined scopes of work.

The role of Journeyman is a full-time position with the responsibility of administering and managing details on the jobsite as per direction from and scope of work defined by the Crew Leader.

Construction Skills:

  • Layout proper basic walls
  • Install roof sheathing and sheer walls
  • Measure, layout, cut, and install window & door headers
  • Install all major fasteners, including hangers, tie-downs, etc.
  • Dry-in and shingle roof to completion
  • Basic paint, stain, & caulking skills
  • Mix and tend concrete pour
  • Has knowledge and proficiency of all related tools and equipment in the custom home building industry
  • Basic Math related construction skills to do take-off calculations (areas, volume, geometry)
  • Time management of take-offs through prioritizing and acknowledging key sequences
  • Be able to select quality materials and reject materials that do not meet standards related to the application (moisture content, species, finish/knots/stain/paint)
  • Communicate additional time and materials needed not established in the initial scope of work/objective.
  • Daily awareness of safety and job site cleanliness
  • Set up and take down scaffolding safely, in correlation with OSHA practices

STW (Simple Things Well)

  • Be reachable by answering your phone, emails, and texts during business hours (weekdays, 8:00am - 5:00pm) and returning them in a timely manner
  • Planning to have the tools necessary to do the job
  • Continues to keep work areas clean and organized, tools regularly serviced along with any and all equipment & trailers

Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Effectively communicating job information to Crew Leader
  • Daily recording an accurate log of time spent on each project
  • Daily Uploading any receipt or purchase invoices
  • Consistently turning in time sheet each week and cc-ing Crew Leader as well as the office

Leadership and Growth Responsibilities:

  • Helping assist the Crew Leader with jobsite climates and momentum
  • Offer ideas in group discussions on how to implement the day and week ahead
  • Offer insights into effectiveness and efficiencies from the past week, communicated directly to the Crew Leader
  • Has shown the ability to lead self in staying busy during all times of the work day.
  • Group Risk has been accepted
  • Team member has a heart to impart the knowledge he/she has gained to Apprentices and Laborers
  • Team member is able to authentically motivate and inspire others to rise up in their current role and responsibilities
  • Completed their "Life In Order Document" and has reviewed with a mentor
  • Mentored, and advanced, another apprentice on their path to maturity by training them to take their place.

Basic Vehicle Requirements - Transportation/ability to drive personal vehicle

Personal Tool Requirements - Tool bag, framing hammer, measuring tape, speed square, 2 carpenters pencils, wood chisel, pry bar. - Chalk line, Cordless drill, basic socket set, Catspaw, Flat pry bar, Crescent wrench & Channel locks, Dykes(wire cutters), Drywall saw. 4ft & 80" level, 12" chopsaw w/stand, table saw w/stand. saw horses, 4ft step ladder, circular saw, 2- extension cords, Corded drill with paddle bits, drill bits, and drivers, Corded sawzaw, Jig saw, Router w/ multiple heads(door Jigs), Framing square with stairs sets, Sledge hammer, shovel, broom, shop vac, Pneumatic framing gun with air hoses and compressor, Assorted fasteners.

PPE - Personal Protection Equipment - Gloves, Safety Glasses, work boots

Company Provided Property – After completion of the 90 day introductory period, the Company provides shirts, hat, and phone with protective case

About 4 Forty Four: We are a custom building firm serving Western North Carolina. Our people are the very best part of 4 Forty Four. Not only are we building a better way with our projects—we also strive to reflect this value in the way we interact and work together. We believe relationships matter. You’ll see this woven through our business philosophy and in our mission, vision and core values—and also through the actions we take in our day-to-day. Whether it’s a relationship with a client, with subcontractors, among our team or with others who cross our path, we desire to facilitate positive, life-enriching experiences for all we come in contact with. We commit to daily seek and find joy in the simple and ordinary things, to value relational capital over financial gain, and to be what we hope for—in our community, nation, and planet.