Boone Area Hispanic/Latino Business Council

Established in early summer 2021, the Boone Area Hispanic/Latino Business Council (HLBC) supports and empowers Hispanic/Latino Business Leaders in the High Country by fostering an community environment that drives economic advancement and community inclusion. 

The HLBC will identify and organize local resources Latino/Hispanic resources to provide leadership, education, and networking opportunities that promote professional growth and prosperity.  Members of the HLBC will meet on a bi-monthly basis to discuss efforts to connect the Hispanic/Latino Business Leaders with relevant resources for professional growth. 

Beneficios de la Membresía (BACC Membership Benefits) & Solicitud de Membresía (Membership Application)

HLBC Members
HLBC Resources

(List out the professionals that we identify as especially helpful to this community.  CPA's, attorneys, banks, child care, health care professionals, mental health providers etc.)

Notable Efforts

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